Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another challenge

I was going to keep this to myself but I have barely thought of anything else all last night and today. I got the results of my biopsies back last night and I have skin cancer again. I know it is very minor and I should be saying blessing for catching it so early but I have been so down all day. This is the 4th time. The first back in 1995 on my temple after my son was born. Surgery to remove this. Then after my daughter was born I had surgery again for another spot on the other side of my temple. In 1989 cervical cancer. Surgery for this. More severe then first predicted was told I would not be able to have more kids. Then I had a long stretch and a fairly clean bill of health. Now again back in the 2 same spots on my forehead.

These 2 spots are so minor the Doctor plans to freeze them to kill the cells, no surgery this time. Minor!! Why am I so stressed over this. It is flashback to my father. Now I know this is totally unrelated. My father let his go on for years. Refused to let a doctor look at his. He wore long sleeve plaid shirts year round to cover his arms. By the time he did let a doctor look at it there wasn't much they could do for him. He refused Chemo but did go through many surgeries and radiation treatments. Over 10 years my family watched the cancer slower eat our father away.

This is my family heritage. I was nice enough to pass these genes onto my son. At 10 he had to go through surgery to remove a pre-cancer mole from his back.

I need to shake this mood. I am not my father. I will not let this fester. I will be dilligent and getting my skin checked on a regular basis along with having my children checked.
My photo today is Skittles. Dogs are great. They love you no matter what. Whether you are happy, or sad they still are there for you.

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  1. Hi. I don't know you, but followed your link from one of the cricut message lists.

    So sorry you are facing skin cancer again. Try to trust God and let Him take care of it. You are doing the right things, now just trust.