Monday, March 29, 2010

I should be depressed but how can I be...

My darling husband called me at work this morning asking if I had any cash on me. This just says how far we have fallen in the past year. For those that do not know, my husband crushed some vertebra in his back along with 4 broken ribs in an accidnet. He had to have emergency spinal surgery 14 months ago. Metal rods and screwed were inserted to hold his spine together. Prior to his injury we were holding our own, but ever since we have really struggled money wise. I should be down but I am not.

I am blessed.

Due to the wonderful surgeon we had, my husband was up and walking the day after his surgery. 1 month after surgery he was able to start washing and dressing himself, again. 3 months after he was back to work part time, 7 months later he was able to work a full day. The downside of our situation is the fact that he runs his own contruction business. Since the injury the economy has really gone bust and we just have not had much work. We have not had any income at all in the past 2 1/2 months. Our savings got us through up until a few months ago. Credit cards have carried us through since then, now we are hitting rock bottom.

But still, I feel blessed.

I still have him!! He is my rock. Even when things look so tough we still have each other. My children are healthy. Active in sports. And even though they got these things before the accident, they own all the gadgets teenagers of today want between cell phones, games systems, etc...

I am blessed.

My favorite place to spend time lately is in the scraproom my husband built for me. It is actually the first room that was completed when we moved into this house 8 years ago. I look around this room at my tools and supplies I have. Even after selling hundreds of dollars worth of items to try to make some money, I still have enough to keep me scrapping for years.

I am blessed.

How could I possibly get depressed. I have good friends, a wonderful family, a job I enjoy, a sence of humor and love. What else could I need.

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