Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally broke down and went to see the Doctor

I have been struggling with my sinuses all winter. This winter hasn't been my worst for allergies but I have not been comfortable this winter. I have been avoiding making an appointment with my ENT Dr because I KNEW what he was going to tell me. Well, these past three days I have been absolutely miserable. Can't sleep, barely breathing, coughing so bad I feel like I am going to pass out, and the pressure in my sinus cavities is unbearable!

I just wanted something to make me feel better to get through flying next week and my stepson's wedding in Florida.

My Doctor said my sinus cavities are so blocked the only relief I will get is surgery to scrape the cavities AGAIN! This has to be the most painful thing there is - MORE painful than childbirth - to recover from Sinus Surgery. I have gone through it twice already. Both times telling myself never again!!!

But I have to face facts. I knew I was getting that bad. This is why I have been avoiding going to see him. Yes, once the recovery period goes by I do feel better, I can breath through my nose, I can smell things again, food even tastes better. And both me and my husband can get a more restful sleep.

But three weeks of absolute agony is the scary part. I can't believe they send you home after this type of surgery. I can barely lift my head for the first week, the second week I feel like my throat is line with razor blades and can't handle anything more than liquid food, the third week feeling like myself until I try to do ANYTHING and just want to collapse.

Then on top of all this, there is the possibility of getting laidoff this summer. So I need to schedule this surgery while I still have insurance. Not that my Dr is giving me that option. He would prefer I have this surgery right away due to how bad my sinuses are.

So it is scheduled for May 27th. I should be more stressed but right now I can't even laugh without a major coughing fit so I am looking for any relief I can get. I am on all kinds of meds for between now and the surgery to help relieve some of the pressure. Steriods, Antibiotics, antacids to cover the side effects of the steriods, along with the three other meds I need to take.

My husband asked if my warranty is still good. Funny guy!

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