Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting a little Nervous!

My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday. I have to admit I am getting a litte jumpy about it. I have never been afaid of surgery. I have gone through it too many times but this one scares me. I know how painful the recovery time is. I don't like being so totally helpless and useless for such a long time. My surgeon keeps trying to tell me every operation is different and I may recover much quickly this time. I don't believe him. :o) If this was not as painful as it is I would not have waited 3 years to go see him again.

Alright! Enough complaining.

I did get something good accomplished today. I planted my garden. I love my garden. Thank you so my my darling DH for building it for me. This is my 3rd year and even though I am still learning as I go I do feel more confident this year about what I am growing. I have planted a lot of repeat veggies: tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, watermelon, radishes, lettuce, carrots, zuchinni, eggplant, green beans and herbs (basil, cilantro, oregano, and dill) I am trying a few new things this year, Asparagus, though it says it takes 3 years before I will be picking this. Also, potatoes and onions. I am going to try corn again this year. I tried this last year but planted it in an area that was too low for the plants so I need to find a place that has more height to it this year.

I just hope my garden does not get too neglected over the next couple of weeks.

Everyone at work is talking about the lay-offs. It is pretty definate that my job is gone. All Attendance aides are being cut. People are already giving me hugs and wishing me the best of luck. I thought I had enough seniority to at least keep a job somewhere in the system but now that does not even look too secure. The talk now is 70% of the paras are being cut. I would have to be in the top 1/3 percent which I am not. I am about 1/2 down the seniority list. I will not not what is happening for sure until next September when they city starts calling paras to fill positions. Until then I will just have to wait it out.

Boy, this update isn't very positive. Time to give up for the day. Next time I write I will try to be more upbeat.

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