Monday, August 30, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer are coming to an end

Well there is only one day left to August and I am just not ready for summer to end. This September seems unbelievably busy...Tim has double sessions of football practice everyday now. Once school starts he will have practice everyday after school and two football games a week. Mondays he is Quarterback for the JV team and Friday nights he is backup QB for the Varsity team. Kelly is starting high school this year. I am starting a new job in 2 weeks working as a Teachers aide for a special needs classroom of 3 year olds. My classes are starting up at my local Michaels craft store. I'll be teaching SDU (Scrapbook Design & You) every Tuesday night. Then if September wasn't busy enough already, I just signed up for a LOAD challenge. Scrapbook A Lay Out A Day.
I am looking forward to the Scrapbook challenge anyway. Not so sure about the rest of my schedule for September. I will try to post my layouts here once I get them done. I plan to start this challenge with the final pages of my Hawaii trip. I got a lot of pages done then put it aside for the past 2 weeks.

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