Saturday, September 4, 2010

Below are more pages I did for the LOAD challenge I am in.

This first one is the one I did today. The daily challenge was a school layout. My kids don't start school until next Wednesday and Thursday but Football season did officially start this morning. This was the first Varsity game of the year. My son is backup player for the Varsity team so he didn't get in much but these were two plays where he made some great tackles. I added the Lyrics from Kenny Chesney's The Boys of Fall. I love this song. Tim doesn't since it is country music. Oh, well.

This 2 page layout was from yesterday. The challenge for yesterday was to put together a layout in 30 minutes or less, but it did not work out that way. I pulled out a page kit I had thinking this would be real quick to put together. I loved the kit but everything in it had to be traced and cut out twice. It ended up taking over 4 hours total but I do like the finished page. Anyone that knows my daughter know she is very much the Tomboy and not a Girly girl. I went through a few years of photos trying to find the few I have of her showing her more feminine side. Luckily as she gets older I am seeing this side of her a little more frequently.

Today turned out to be a beautiful day. We spent the day yesterday putting all the lawn furniture away and packing up anything we thought the heavy winds from Hurricane Earl would ruin. Then my husband stayed up all night waiting for the worst of the wind to hit us. It never did. We got a little rain but no wind. How do Weathermen keep their jobs when they seem to be wrong more times then they get the weather correct?

Now I want to pull all the lawn furniture back out but am thinking hubby will say to leave it since summer ends this weekend. Fall if my favorite time of year. This is when I do enjoy sitting out so I will have to sneak a few chairs back out of storage so I can enjoy them.

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