Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting Scrappy

well, yesterday I was starting to feel like myself again. Thank Goodness! When I can't think of anything else but getting down to my scraproom to play I know I am feeling better. But there were not little portable floor heaters around. At least not that I knew about and it just got too cold. So, I dragged what I could back up stairs. (My Cricut for one thing) and played in the living room. I made two 12 x 12 layouts. 6 cards, and a layer for a Canvas board I started a while ago. I was feeling very productive. but it stinks working up stairs when all my stuff is downstairs. I kept thinking of things I needed form downstairs. Brads, white ribbon, no red ribbon, some stickles, etc... I felt like I went up and down the stairs 100 times. Well, the doctor said I should try to move a little more each day. I definitely got a work out yesterday. I would add photos of all the projects I did but they are going to be samples for upcoming Michaels Classes and i found out I can not post photos of class projects on my blog. Sorry everyone. This morning I was feeling ambitious enough to update my class calendar and demo schedule for the rest of November and December. Starting November 10 I am back on the Class Schedule for the Michaels in North Weymouth if anyone wants to sign up for classes. That reminds me... I heard sad news a few days ago. Dee, from the Crop Shop, Rockland, MA has decided to close her Scrapbooking store on Dec 16. It is so sad to hear of another scrapbooking store closing. The store in Hyannis closed over the summer after being there for over 10 years. Beverly closed Scrapbook Cupboard, E. Bridgewater, Ma just in the last 2 months and now Dee as well. At least she will continue to run her classes and crops. I wish her all the best in that endeavor. The only exclusive scrapbooking store I know of that is still in existence is Right At Home in Attleboro, MA. I am sure there are others out there but I have never been to any other stores besides these ones. It will be harder and harder for new scrappers to find classes with all these local businesses going away. Well, that brings me back to where I was...I updated my calendar and decided I wanted to get it on the store calendar right away. So, I placed a call with the Manager. He says "great! today is a good day to sit with Rita and go over things" I talk my husband into driving me over to the store, only to find Rita is the only cashier on, so she can't take time to sit down with me. I go to the back office to talk to "the Boss" only to find his regional boss is here and they are sitting behind closed doors on a conference call!!! Well, I called to see if today was a good day? Why didn't you tell me it WASN'T a good day.? So I got dressed, put makeup on dragged my husband out and pushed myself a little too much FOR NOTHING! Well, at least I dropped of samples at the store so they will not get misplaced here and I dropped off my November and December schedules. As, to whether I get put on the calendar or not? I guess I won't know until I can make another trip to the store. That will be a little difficult until I get the doctor's OK to start driving again. I did pick up some 3 x 6 tags so I can start working on more class samples. that will be my project for tomorrow.

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