Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still Recovering

it has been 5 weeks today since my surgery. Still having good and bad days. I thought I was returning to work next week but my doctor's note was not accepted. I need to reach my doctor for a new letter.

I wish I could say I have gotten a lot of things accomplished while home but I have gotten diddle squat done. My house is a mess, The cupboards are bare since no one feels a need to go grocery shopping. I am sick of eating microwavable meals. SICK of them!
Have wasted away the days watching You Tube videos and EBay auctions.

I do get up nice and early each morning and make a list of what I would like to get done during the day. but before I know it the day is half over and I have barely moved.

Sorry for venting!

Looking forward to tomorrow being a good day.

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