Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year!

OK, I know I am a little late at wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Today is Sunday, January 15th. But a little late is better then never.

What have i been up to lately...

My last surgery was almost 3 months ago. I can honestly say I feel GREAT! Maybe I can go surgery free for 2012. I will remain hopeful.

Last night I spent the evening at Gilette Stadium watching the NE Patriots anialate Tim Tebow and the Denver Boncos. It was bitterly cold but the game was so exciting we never felt the cold until walking back to our car. The Patriots' defense finally woke up and it was the best game I had seen all season. The final score was 45 - 10.

I have been playing with my Cricut machine. I wish i took photos of some of the decorations I made for my class of pre-schoolers. I used the Sesame Street Seasons cartridge and made some of the winter decorations for our walls.

Besides that I have spent a lot of time re-organizing. If I spent half the time actually scrapping that i do re-organizing my scrap space my albums would be full by now and I would have run out of photos to scrap.

My latest project was re-organizing my Stickles. I loved the CD case I had for storage. It spun around and stored my bottles upside down so they were always ready to use but it didn't even store half the amount of bottles I had so I spent an afternoon making this storage unit using cross stitch mesh I got at Wal-mart and cutting it up to fit into this drawer I got at Target.

I love how many it holds, even though it still was not big enough for all the bottles I had, it still works better.

The drawer slides right into one of the shelves on my Jetmax cubes.

To find the bottles I wanted easier I added a blob of Stickles on the bottle of each bottle so I know exactly what they will look like on my projects.
I can fit 60 bottles in this drawer.

What was left I put back into the CD storage case I had. This storage container holds 36 bottles. I really did like the idea of the double layers of storage on this unit. the top layer lifts up so you can get access to both layers. both layers also rotate around so you can see everything. I just needed something larger. this one is now holding my overflow of Stickles that did not fit in the drawer unit I made. I have 22 bottles in it now.

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