Monday, June 25, 2012

SSS June 25 Moody Monday

It is Moody Monday

Today's challenge is to scrap a layout about something that drives you crazy.  Anything at all.
Is it the car in front of you that is texting so you end up missing the green light?
The lady infront of you with 200 coupons when you just ran into the store to grab something quick?
Is it the teenage son that has selective hearing and only hears you when food is mentioned not the other 10 chores you asked him to do before dinner.
You get the idea. scrap a page about what drives you bonkers.  Add photos if you have them, download photos from the internet if they will better help you tell your story.
The story is the important part, what is it that sends you over the top and why does it drive you to that point.

We were at the Neil Diamind concert Saturday night in Boston. 
My "Moody Monday" example is about how when the few times hubby and I have arguements, he always manages to turn any situation into a "Poor Me" debate.  So even though this layout may look like a great night out, there is hidden journaling behind the photos describing how our Date Night turned into a Date DisasterI feel better after writng it down, and even showed it to my husband and got a heartfelt apology for ruining the night. 

This type of journaling I would not want to leave out in the open for anyone to read, while flipping through my scrapbooks so that is why there is a hidden pocket behine the photos.  The brown polka dot strip is the top of it with no note of the fact that it is a pocket to be pulled out.

 Once you flip the page over you see the pocket I attached so the journaling will slide in and out easily. I always use a scrap paper that I know iIwill not miss, so this time is is bright green. What the pocket looks like does not matter since it does not show from the front.

Get thinking and have some fun, you can leave your journaling for everyone to read of hide it like mine, but you do want to capture the story.
Remember to scrap from your stash.

Happy Scrapping!

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