Sunday, June 24, 2012

SSS Sunday June 24 Family

Sundays will be Family Day for the Summer Scrap your Stash Challenge.

Today scrap a  family members' birthday.  This does not mean you have to scrap about who's birthday is closest to today. It can be any birthday.  Your own Sweet Sixteen, your baby's first birthday, The dog's birthday. any birthday and don't forget to add journaling, not just the Who, What, Where, When.  There must be a story that goes with taking these photos.  Put that story down for others to read about.

Card Makers, make a birthday card for someone in your family.

My sample is of my son's 16th birthday from last year.  There is a journaling tab going under the large photo to the right but I have not typed it up, yet.  I will add it shortly, I just wanted to get this prompt posted for now.

The story behind my birthday photos has to do with a tattoo.  My son kinda tricked me into taking him to get his ears pierced for his birthday.  He started about a week prior saying he wanted to get a tatoo for his birthday.  I was adament with my "No Way!"

 I even told him if he did this without my appoval, I would do everything in my power to make it difficult for him to get his Driver's Permit. "Take you pick, which would you rather have, an ugly tatoo that you will live with for the rest of your life? Or a driver's license?

He turned the conversation around...
Mom remember when I was about 10 or 12 and asked to get my ears pierced?  You said not now but I I still wanted them when I was 16, you would let me?  Well, I want to get my ears pierced since you wont let me get a tatoo.

So we went and got his ears pierced.  He no longer has these, thank goodness.  He plays lots of school sports and cannot wear earrings in game so they closed up.  Oh, sorry, hon. 

Hopefully, he has gotten both notions out of his system.

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