Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Scrap Your Stash Challenge

I was debating whether I wanted to add this challenge to my blog or not and decided, yes, I should.  It will help keep my motivated and I can post my daily challenges here for anyone else that needs a little motivation.

So let me explain what the Summer Scrap Your Stash Challenge is...
I am out of work for the summer and will not see another paycheck until mid September.  So this means NO SCRAP SHOPPING for me for the next few months.  Beleive me this is not an easy thing for me.  Especially when there are such tempting things out there like the new FUSE machine by fiskar.  If anyone saw that on HSN this past Monday, comment and let me know if you broke down and ordered it.  I would love to hear how great this thing really is.

Besides lack of funds, I also do not have a working car this summer.  My car is in desperate need of tires and I think the tire rods are going.  My poor car shimmies so bad on the road right now I am afraid to drive it.  So I am broke AND housebound for the next few months. (I do have a scooter to get around, but my teens are too embarrassed to ride the back of it with me. Go Figure.  I love my scooter)

Anyway, so I have challenged myself to be creative everyday this summer. Without the shopping aspect that leaved me whit what I have collected over the past 14 years of scrapping.  Believe me when I say I could open a store in my basement with all the paper I have so know I can make due for a while.

But, to get motivated to actually use what I have, I have started this challenge with one of my scrapping groups, NESF.  Each morning I will send out a prompt with a daily challenge.  It may be to use a tool you have forgotten about, or it may be a color challenge, or whatever I can think of.  If you complete the challenge and post a photo of it, you have a chance to win a prize.

The challenge started yesterday, Wednesday, June 20 and the challenge was Story Time Wednesday.  Journal about a current or past job you have.  Photos, no photos, the important thing is to tell a story about this job.  Does you job consisted of working at home raising a family? Do you hold an very pressured, stressful job? Do you like your job? 

My sample for the challenge was to scrap about the preschool I have been working in for the past two years. The left side was from last year and the story to go with how I got transfered to this school and the right side was this year and the story of how this year went.

Nothing new was purchased to make this layout.  I used orangy paper i had and was not too crazy about, stickers I had for a couple of years, and the big photo of the front of the school bus has to be at least 8 years old.  When these big photos were on the market I thought they were the greatest thing a bought tons of then.  Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever used one on a layout.

So this was yesterday's Challenge. 
Leave a comment if you would like to get involved in the SSS Challenge, as well.
Happy scrapping and don't forget to Scrap your Stash.

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