Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SSS 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to you!!

Today is Story Time day. So today's story is to journal about what today means to you. 4th of July, do you celebrate it? How do you? It is a day together with family, do you go see a parade or fireworks. Has today been a day to share traditions your family has been doing for as long as you can remember?

We do have a family tradition going and I want to scrap about it once I get the photos so I will post my layout tomorrow.

This is what our day consists of: We drive into Winthrop, (just outside of Boston), board my BIL's boat, go out on a harbor cruise, spent the rest of the day back at the dock waiting for the 9 PM Winthrop fireworks, then as soon as they are over we jump in the car and head into Boston to catch the 10 PM fireworks.

Today is going to be a special year because of the tall ships parade, the Blue Angels fly over, the Constituition turn around, etc... so I want to get lots of photos. I will post our 4th of July tradition page as soon as I complete it.

But so I can share something at least...

Here are two card I made using some "bling" I save the sentiments until I know what I an going to use the card for and add that later.

Yesterday' sample was a card, too so  it went very quickly.  After I finished the card I started working on a Fundrasing we are running for this Friday.  Luckily, I can say we are not running the whole event, but we are taking care of the food service.  We were asked to open the concession stand and sell food and drinks for the event. 
So,  I have been working all week on confirming our volunteers and what shifts they will be working, screen printing t-shirts so we are visibly seen as volunteers and can move around the event freely. Typing up and getting the menus to the printers, making the signs for the stand, the list feels like it just keeps going on...
After spending a good part of the day on these items I felt like I needed a little "me time" so this is what I worked on.  I actually saw this idea posted by someone else and thought what a great idea.
Using foam board, I cut, measured and hot glued pieces together to make a custom fit ink pad storage unit. The best part is this foam board goes for about 5 a sheet at Michaels, the Dollar store had some for..yes, just a dollar!  I wish I had bought more.  I only picked up 3 sheets, since I did not know if I could figure this out, but it works out great.  three sheets of foam board were about to make enough storage for 77 ink pads.  ( 7 across and 11 high)
Tomorrow I may get some more and continue added more rows to this until all my ink pads fit into it.

Happy Independence Day. maybe you will be able to squeeze in some scrapping today.

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