Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SSS July 11 Story Time

Wednesday is story time...

Today's challenge is to scrap, and more inportantly, to journal about a School Memory.

When you think of school what is the very first thing that jumped into your mind?

Is it a good memory?  One you would rather forget?  Did you like school?  Were you a Jock, Nerd, Preppy, Teacher's Pet, or a Bully? 

Scrap whether you have photos or not.  Get the story in your scrapbook.

My first sample is the "Before" layout....

I did a scrapbook of my days before I got married.  The whole album was 8 1/2 x 11, I did not have acid free scrapbook paper back then, it was just regular stationary paper I used.  I like to look back at it because it is filled with more stories then photos.  I did it when I first started scrapbooking, so it has to be 14 years old.  The sure sign of how dated it is are seeing some of the photos cut out with deco scissors, YUCK!!!

I have always wanted to redo this album and make it more acid free and update it a little, so I am starting today with this page.

This will be my challenge today to scan these photos and make a new 12 x 12 page using the scanned photos from it.  I plan on keeping the original album as is, I just want to make some 12 x 12 pages to add to my more cuurent albums.

Your school memory that jumps out at you may not be from high school, you may remember something from Junior High and even elemenatry school., or college. Scrap a school memory today. And use up some of your stash.

Below is my "After" page.  I decided my high schools do not bring up fond memories but now they are down on paper and I can put them behind me and do another page about my college years, which I enjoyed a lot more then high School.

Happy Scrapping.

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