Sunday, July 15, 2012

SSS July 15 Family Day

Sunday is Family Day...

Today's prompt is about you...

What do you do for you family?

Scrap a list, a photo collage, or just one thing that you do for you family.  Do they appreciate all you do?  Do they even notice?

I do not have a sample, yet. I thought about this all day yesterday and just could not decide how I wanted to work this prompt. Plus I find it harder to find any time for me to get any scrapping done on the weekends when the whole family is home.

This is how we spent the majority of our day yesterday.

My neighbor came over the day we were getting our pool filled with water from a local delivery company.   We invited him to bring his boys over to swim.  Instead he ordered a pool for his yard and then asked us to help him install it. So here my DH is showing my 15 year old how to dig the cement posts out of our neighbor's yard. Then she spend the next hour or so on her own pulling out 8 cemented posts.  She did awesome at it.

But while I was taking photos of this I never got to get any scrapping done.  I will try to post my sample by the end of the day.

I will wait and see...

Since we still have this truck today we are going to pull up our driveway with it and try to flatten out all the bumps and grooves we have in it.  Another Photo op. LOL

Happy Scrapping and if you get a chance to get some scrapping done today don't forget to use what you already have.

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