Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SSS July 17 Technique Tuesday

Today's technique is...

Yes, paint. 

You can use your paints anyway you would like. Paint chipboard, stickers, buttons, etc.. You can edge you photos, mats, or background papers.  You can paint a picture. it is totally up to you.

Be creative and use paints in your project today.

I will share with you my handmade paint colors I have been using lately...
I have been using shimmery paints.  I like the shimmery look on my layouts, but I don't like the mess from using shimmer mists.
Plus, shimmery paints are easy to make yourself.
If you don't have the color you need, here is how you can make your own colors.

I use an inexpensive bottle of Folkart metallic acrylic paint in the color # 659 Pearl white, I pour just a little in a plastic container. ( a little paints tends to go a long way) if you just plan to use it once you can use even lust a little plastic dish or tray.  If you want to save your paint, get a little container with a tight lid.

Then a bottle of re-inker, I use Stampin' Up! re-inkers. It just takes a few drops.  Use a toothpick to mix the colors and you get a soft shimmery color. I like to use these paints of flowers and chipboard pieces.

This container was sold in the bead section of Michaels.  I do not remember how much it was but I am sure I either got it on sale or used a coupon for it.  It will hold 30 colors.

I have heard of another way of making shimmery paints, take any acrylic paints you have and add a little pearl ex into the paint and this will make them shimmery, as well.  I had about 30 bottles of Pearl Ex that I never used so I sold them on E-bay a long time ago, that was before I had heard of this little trick so I have not tried this method.

I was not planning on typing out a little tutorial went I started this post this morning, which is why it is taking me so much longer to actually get it posted today, but these are the paints I will be using for my project today.

Happy Scrapping!


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