Monday, July 2, 2012

SSS July 2 Moody Monday

My prompt is late today. I apologize for it.  I know what I planned on doing today, but after hearing about the boy that drowned in my town yesterday, then shortly after that my husband called me with more bad news...I just could not get myself into a creative mood.

So my sample is on the plain side.  And my colors are bland.  It is funny how your mood when you scrap can end up being reflected in your finished project.

The Prompt today is to Scrap about your "Must Have" objects.  Would that include your favorite pot holders you reach for every time you cook?  A favorite scarf, your morning coffee?

Scrap a layout about what you use every day to help your day run smoother.

My layout was going to be more upbeat and colorful.  This is what I could come up with after my morning went downhill. I did the left side of teh things I like, and the right side of the things I do not like but must have everyday.

I promise to be back to my old happy self tomorrow.

Happy Scrapping.


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