Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SSS July 24 Technique Tuesday

Today's technique is to use something non-scrapping related.  For your project today, add something you that you have that is a found object.

It could be something from

nature - a leaf,

a place - an arcade token,

a restaurant - a menu, napkin, book of matches

or what about, a hospital wristband, a twig, a seed packet, etc...

Anything that you did not buy from a scrapbooking store.

If you are worried about it being acid free you can put your object in a biggie or layer it from your layout with cardstock, but add something non-scrapping to your project today.

My stepson and granddaughter left last night after nearly a 3 1/2 hours delay on their flight (a 9:05 PM flight that did not leave until 12:35 this morning and then waiting for the call that they arrived safely at 3:56 this morning) So I am a little tired.  I will add my sample as soon as a get a little more sleep and can work on it.

But this is your challenge.  Have fun, get creative and work with found items in your stash.

Happy Scrapping!


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