Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SSS July 25 Story Time

Sorry for being late posting today.  I was expecting breakfast in bed with lots of flowers and surprises from my family for my birthday today.  (I have such an imagination!)

Instead, This is how my morning went..

Woken up by someone knocking on the front door
Rushed out of bed to not only throw some clothes on but to make lunches not just for my DH but also for my DS and his two friends that are going to work with Dad today. 

Along with this list of things to do for my DH...

"Once you are awake enough can you
Type up these forms,
Update the Profit and Loss Report for the business,
Find last years Tax Returns,
Meet with the accountant today,
Type up a Home Owners Inspection report and fax it to the customer early this morning, she is waiting for it
Email the other forms once you get them up to date to the accountant, etc...
Oh, ya Happy Birthday Sweetie"

Not exactly how I would like to be spending my birthday but birthdays do not seem to mean  anything around this house any more.  That is a little sad.

So even though today is Story Time,

The prompt is this...

What is the best Birthday you have every had?

I am combining yesterday's prompt of using something non-scrapping related with today's prompt of a great birthday and here is my sample.

5 years ago, when my husband's business was doing much better, I asked for a scooter for my birthday. My DH could not figure out why i wanted one. On cruises I was too afraid to drive one myself but he took me looking. We found a very inexpensive one and he did his typical finagling with the sales man to get the price even lower and here it is. I have to admit i was scared to death to drive it for the first time and would not go further than just around the block for the first 2 weeks of owning it but now this is how I get around town. I LOVE my scooter and have since added a trunk to it so i can have more storage space. The only thing missing is a cup holder. The kids loved it when I first got it but now are embarrassed when they see me pull up on my scooter. I keep teasing them that I will show up at Football or Basketball practice to pick them up on my scooter. o)
This is a close up of my non-scrapping object.  This is the inside of a soda can. I cut the can open, then  I stamped a flower on it, cut around the stamped image and using a stylus, I embossed the lines of the flower .  I wanted the silver accents to go with my journaling that i typed up on vellum and embossed in silver embossing powder.  I could not find silver accents so resorted to using a soda can.

What can you say about your favorite birthday?

Work from you stash and have a great day.


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