Monday, July 30, 2012

SSS July 30 Moody Monday

For Moody Monday our prompt today is to use another product or tool we bought at some point and then decided we did not like it. I know we have used this prompt before but everyone has things they had gotten at one point or another and said to themselves "what was I thinking?"

So pull out one of those items you didn't like and try using it again. Do you have a distressing tool and then decided you did not like the distressed look?  Do you have tons of buttons and do now do not like the look of them on your pages? Did you go out and buy the ribbon cutter by Imagince and decide that was a waste of money?  What do you have that is not getting used.  Try it again today.

I did just that with what I thought was a great bargain. I bought a bunch of these self-adhesive border strips for $1.00 each.  I loved the details of them and the fact that they already had adhesive on them.

 I loved the details of them, they even had Disney ones, and the fact that they already had adhesive on them.
 They are made by Queen  & Co and I  think I got them at Michael's a few years ago.
 See the Adhesive sticker paper on the back.
Well, this ended up being what turned me off of these sticker strips.  the adhesive does not come off easily.  The first and only time I ever tried to use these (other then for today's challenge) I was putting a 12 inch strip along the bottom of 2 pages.  The adhesive is very sticky and I did not want to handle it too much with my fingers so not to take away the stickiness.  I tried with a pair of tweezers, the tip of my scissors, then my fingers and it took about 20 minutes on each strip to get the backing off.  Then I had to try to smooth down all the little curls that had gotten mangled during the process.  Then try laying this along my layout without messing it up again.

I finished the layout and did like the look but this took WAY to much effort and told myself I would never use these again.  So my wonderful bargain I bought way back when has sat in my storage racks ever sense.

So this morning I pulled them out again.  I do not have the patience to peel off the whole 12 inches so I found a new use for them.  I made these little 3 x 5 cards and just added a little strip of the border to the bottom.

So now i may go back and use up the rest of these that have been just sitting around collecting dust.

Try to find a new use for something you have had for a while.

Happy Scrapping


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