Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Healthier Me?

My councilor called me this morning and gave me a well needed Pep Talk. 

I have not been having very good Jenny Craig days these last 2 days.  The scale said I was up 3 lbs!!! My husband is away and I miss him. Not only is he away but he decided to add an extra day to his annual pilgrimage this year so instead of being home on Friday like he usually is, he will be coming home later this afternoon.  With him not here I do not sleep.  Last night, or rather this morning, I slept for maybe 3 hours at the most.   I am sleep deprived and woke up just generally feeling down on myself and everything around me.  I even deleted my facebook account last night.  Went through the whole things and deleted all my friends, deleted the companies I was following, everything.  I am already regretting that.  I may not go on it very often but it was nice to see updates on what people were doing.  It is all gone now.

Well, Colleen. my councilor at Jenny Craig, knows what I need to hear when I get down like this and after talking to her I am feeling a little better this morning.  I got my butt out of bed, took a shower, did some sit-ups, used my weighted Hula Hoop and now I am working on getting the house nice and clean for when my hubby gets home later today.  Fresh sheets on the beds, laundry getting caught up, straightening out the living room, time to tackle the disaster known at the kitchen.

I think we are the only family in the whole world that only uses thier kitchen table to drop all the clutter from the day.  It is never clean enough for the whole family to sit down and eat a meal at it together.  I think maybe Thanksgiving is the only time it all gets cleared off.  Well, this is my next task I am taking on today.  I want to see the entire top of my kitchen table again.

I am wearing my pedometer thingamajig and hopefully I will be adding lots of steps to my day today.

Tuesday is my next weigh in and I have 3 1/2 days to get back on track and lose those 3 lbs my scale is screaming at me about.  Time to get moving.

Happy Healthy Habits forming a day at a time.

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