Sunday, August 12, 2012

Healthier LifeStyle starting week two

It is getting a little easier as I go.  I was at a family cookout yesterday and was not tempted to go "off-plan" so I know if I can handle doing Jenny Craig in that kind of situation then I will have success this time around.  Even with all the tempting cookies, cakes, cheesecake bars, etc...I was able to say no and not even feel like I was missing out on anything.

I stepped on the scale before going and I had lost another 1.1 lbs since my JC weigh in.  6.9 for my total so far.  So I am not going to ruin that!

Still doing the same routine for my workouts.  I need to start thinking about adding more to it.  I have increased the time I spend on each.  Yesterday I even added in a game of Frisbee.

A tip I am learning about my meals...Stop thinking like I am running through a drive-through and inhaling them on the run.  Sit, savour, relax, enjoy, make time to acknowledge to myself that I am having my lunch.  Set a place at the table with a side salad and a glass of ice water. This is so much more pleasant then what I have done at least twice this week, which is standing in front of the microwave and shoveling my lunch or dinner in so I can rush off to do something else. 

Friday was my worst for doing this.  I was running back and forth to the Laundromat and inhaled my lunch in between trips, and then as I was heading to my work shift (4:45 - 8:15) I decided I could not go that long without my dinner so I popped a JC meal in the microwave and ate it standing there right in front of my microwave before heading out the door. 

Eating that quickly I felt like I had not eaten at all.  Then my 9 PM my stomach was grumbling to no end and I would have eaten pizza, McDonald's, anything at that point.  My husband and I had gone out and with me being absolutely ravenous, I ordered a cup of brothed based soup.  That only confirmed how hungry I was so I literally studied the menu for what other healthy item I could devour.  I so wanted a plated of sauteed veggies or even steamed but the Veg Of The Day was corn.  Not the best choice. So I ended up ordering a Turkey sandwich  on wheat Hold the fries. It was extra calories so I ended the day over my CC for the day.

Lesson Learned - Take time to enjoy your meals, acknowledge that you are eating healthy, don't rush through them.

Slow but Steady Wins the Race.

Time to start a new day.

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