Thursday, August 16, 2012

Healthy New Lifestyle

Here is the update on my new healthier living.  Not so good. LOL

I did have my 2nd weigh in and I am down 9.5 pounds. Ya! But, I could not afford any food this week due to money issues so I am stretching the meals I still have in my freezer.  With this said, I got home and went on a munchies frenzy.  Now you would think after having a good loss this week it should have been easier to stay on track.  But nothing I ate that day satisfied me.  I was looking for something else to eat about every 30 - 45 minutes.  I was making healthy choices for most of the day.  I even steamed a bag of green beans and ate the whole bag to fill me up but a little while later I was off looking for more.  I finally crashed and made toast, lots of toast.  5 slices of toast at 70 calories per slice and then added bruchetta on top (about 30 calories in total for that) but the bread did me in.  350 calories worth of bread!  What was I thinking.  It must have been what I was craving because that finish the food binge for the day.

Yesterday, to make up for my bad eating day, I had my son re-connect the Wii game system and besides doing my regular routine of exercise I did 10 songs on one of the Just Dance games.  I am not co-ordinated at all so I do not get these moves done the same time the dancer on the screen does them, so my score was nothing to brag about but I was moving Big Time and dripping with sweat by the time I was done.  The kids are not allowed in the room when I do this because I am even worse at it when I have an audience.

Then I went through my scrap room and did a major purge, again.  I filled two of the large outdoor trash barrels with scrapping stuff I have not used in the last 2 years.  I probably could have tried listing some things on E-Bay but the time it takes to photograph and write a description of every little thing, and then add in the time it takes of boxing and shipping everything, I just felt like tossing instead.  Plus the 20 or so trips I made up and down the cellar stairs to get the to barrels out back was extra exercise for the day.

Yesterday was much better Jenny Craig day.  Lets see how today goes.

Here's to Healthy Habits!


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