Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magazine Clipping update

I am still working on clipping out ideas from older magazines so I can toss them and stop letting all these magazines take up so much precious storage space on my shelves.  I spent 2 hours going through the pile I had in yesterdays' blog post.  Well, this morning I searched the rest of the house and gathered up another pile just as big as yesterdays.

So another couple of hours this morning, but not any many things torn out this time.  So I have a pile of torn pages.  Next step is to go back and trim them down to just the photos or ideas I liked and then slip them into page protectors for use later. 

Here are my new binders I plan on putting all these clippings in.

Some of these binders are already full, My Michaels, SDU and Cricut binders are used for classes I teach at Michaels, the binders on the left are online classes I downloaded and have not taken the time to go through, yet.

From Christmas Ideas  to Magazine Clippings are what I am working on now.  I recycled the kids old school binders for my needs.  I do not know why they feel the need for new binders each year when these are still in "Like New" condition but I find new uses for them.

Back to working on my clippings.


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