Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Healthier Life style is working today

Not feeling well, today.  My 3rd day of Jenny Craig and I still have not even gotten out of bed (11:18 am) I have had a painful headache for three day.  I thought it might have been from my glasses. I stopped wearing them yesterday afternoon.  Then this morning I had to add a sore throat and my asthma is kicking up again.  Have not even eaten anything, yet.  I have been awake since 6 so I was surprised to go so long and not even feel hungry but my stomach is starting to talk to be now. hehe

I have to get myself up and out of bed to do my 20 minutes of exercise, at least.  Have something for breakfast and then maybe go back to bed.

On the plus side, I think I had a great JC day yesterday.  I stuck to the program all day.  Got some exercising, went for a swim and even got some scrapping in, so it was a better day then today is looking. 

Day 3 and counting.


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  1. Feel Better Sharon and I wish you great luck on your quest-I'm doing WW