Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Healthier Lifestyle update

Sinus issues aside.  I think my first 6 days on Jenny Craig have gone really well.  The first day was tough.  I was obsessed with thinking about food all day.  But after that first day it has gotten much better.  I am exercising every day.  Not much but I am using my weighted hula hoop, my little 5 lb weights and my Ab chair.
I know I should have moved the ugly mirror in the background.  This was a huge mirror that was over our fireplace but my DH ripped it off the wall, taking some of the plaster with it, to put up his big 52 inch TV, so the mirror sits tucked up against the wall forgotten except for the patches of plaster that still cling to it.

It isn't much but it is a start and I have not missed a day, yet, of my little workout routine.  Some days I add more, like swimming or walking or bowling but these three things i am doing every day.

 Yesterday I got weighed in and in only 5 days I have lost 5.8 lbs!!! Ya for me!

I still have some tweeking to do ith my daily plan.  I am not drinking nearly the amount of water that I should be and I should be adding one more serviing of dairy but I am happy with my progress, so far.

Now on to another day of keeping of the healthy choices.

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