Friday, August 10, 2012

SSS August 10 Color Challenge Day

Happy Friday everyone,

Anyone else watch the Patriots game lat night.  Rather discouraging.  Hope they can get their act together before the next game. 

Friday is Color Challenge day.  I have not done a sample, yet.  So I am really going to challenge myself today.  The color i use the least in all things, cards, scrapping, everythng is purple.  So i am challenging everyone to use some purple today.  You can match it with any other color you would like but make sure purple is in there somewhere.

Once I wake up  a little more I will put something together and re-post my sample.  So pull our items from your stash, get out your purple cardtsock, or ink pads, or markers, and even your paints and get creative. 

Happy Scrapping


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