Monday, August 13, 2012

SSS August 13 Moody Monday

Moods can fluctuate daily, sometime even hourly.  Is there someone in your family you can describe as "moody"?  In our family there was.  She has outgrown her mood swings, Thanks Goodness! but for years she ruled the house with her highs and lows. 

Today's challenge is to scrap about someone in the family that can be "Living Out Load" sorta speak. 

I added a journaling tag behind the whole that read.

Kelly, there are days that I do not know how we survived.  You were feisty, demanding, and had a temper to boot.  For some reason, those tougher days did not inspire me to grab my camera and record how your brother would run from a room you were in,  screaming "Stay Clear of the Baby!"

It was the days that you would shine like the brightest sun, hence my nickname for you, "My Sunshine" that would make up for it.  Your personality got the best of us some days but you could make us smile and even giggle just as quickly with your crazy antics and adventures. You have mellowed with age, but I hope you never loose that sense of    This is who I am and I'm not changing for anyone!

This sample is another page kit from If this looks familiar, It has been posted on my blog in the past.  I only had the little lines of journaling on the bottom left corner. I pulled it out again to add more of the story of my daughter's personality.  There was nowhere to add another journaling block so I tucked it behind the owl.

Scrap from your stash.


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