Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SSS August 14 Technique Tuesday

Have you ever tried something you bought and it just does not work the way you were hoping.  I am not necessarily talking about tools but maybe a piece of background paper, where the image on the paper is in the wrong place.   Maybe you bought a package of stickers letters for one particular project and the color was just one shade off? What about your stamps.  A great image but too small or too large for what you had in mind.

Today's prompt is to alter something to make it work.  for stamped images, an easy fix is to stamp in a nice clear crisp ink, and the enlarge or reduce it on a copy machine or your scanner.  Background papers that don't quite work? You can fancy cut the image you like and move it where it would work better for your layout.  Sticker letters can always be painted or altered with sandpaper.

My sample today is totally non-scrapping related but shows how you can take the time to fix anything.

As some of you may have been reading, I signed up for Jenny Craig and today is my 2nd weigh-in.  I had a great first week (over 5 lbs lost) and I am nervous today's scale will not be as generous.  One of the things I have found I NEED to do to stay on track is to write down what I eat.  I am big on keeping a daily day planner.  Over the years I have tried just about every maker of Day Planner books out there: Franklin Covey, MomAgenda, along with other brands I can't remember.  All these have things i liked and things I did not.  So for at least the last 5 years i have been designing my own pages and printing them out on my computer and making my own daily planner.

I never did find a good Food and Exercise planner so my sample today is incorporating both of these types of journals to suit my needs.

When something does not work, alter it to suit your needs.

Like i said, my sample today is not scrapping related but it could be.  At one point I had added a section in my journal for "Scrapping Ideas"  I had a space for a 2 page 12x12 layout sketch and some lines underneath to add notes.  I found I was not using this part on a daily basis so there was no need to have this section on my daily pages.

So I altered it again.

 This first photo is what I have been using for this summer.  On the left pages are the Date, Weather, What I am Grateful for. To Do List, Meals for the Day, Medicine and Water log, Expense Sheet and Shopping List.
the right side is more for notes.  It starts with my Blog Post for the Day, and then their are sections for each member of my family so I do not forget appointments, practices, meetings, etc.

These pages have worked for me for a while.

Now that I am trying Jenny Craig and want to keep better track of what I am eating I altered my pages to show this. 

The new pages are geared more for logging my food and weekly weigh ins.  I still have What I am Grateful For, To Do List, my meals are more detailed and I added a larger section for an Exercise Log and then added a section called Reflections.  I changed my 2 page a day spread to 1 page a day.  I know once I go back to work and the kids go back to school I will have to go back to the 2 pages a day to keep track of all the daily craziness, but for the remainder of the summer I really want to stay focused on my healthier lifestyle.

I know my sample for the day is not scrapping related but I wanted to share how you can alter anything to make it work for your needs.

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