Sunday, August 19, 2012

SSS August 19 Family Day

Getting Away from the Family

This may sound strange, but today's prompt is things you do away from the family.

Does anyone if your family take separate vacations?  I used to go to about 4 Scrapping events a year.  Usually three of them would be closer to home, that i could drive to and then I would go on one big one that I would have to fly somewhere to get to it.  Twice I flew to Salt Lake City for conventions, one with Close To My Heart, and once with Memory works, I Traveled to Orlando Florida for a Stampin' Up! convention and West Palm Beach for a Scrapbooking Expo.  My dream is to attend a CHA event one of these years. 

The past few years we have really had to tightly the belt and I have been able to go to 2 a year but driving distance only.  Still, I love these little mini vacations, even if am going all by myself, which most of the time I do.  Even with my big beautiful scrapping room at home, I get so much more accomplished when I am away from home and even though I always come home exhausted and need a day or two to recover from lack of sleep, I just love these get-aways.

My husband, only goes away once a year with about 40 or 50 guys.  They all travel by boats From Winthrop, MA to Provincetown in Mid-August.  They dock their boats next to each other and have a wild 3 day party, of drinking, telling stories and watching all the craziness that goes on during these three days down at the tip of Cape Cod.  He always comes home complaining about something,  I could not sleep with all the guys snoring!  These two guys argued the whole time we were there!  etc... It is always the same thing, but I know he complains for my benefit only.  He doesn't want me to think he is having too good of a time without me. But I know he loves these trips and looks forward to them every year.  If he did not enjoy it so much he would not have kept going for the past  10 summers.

So today's prompt is to scrap about one such event.  Did you go away somewhere?  Did someone else in the family?  Maybe you can scrap about the first time a child went away with out you?  A week at summer camp?  Tagged along with a friends' family vacation?  Whatever you would like to scrap about today.

I am not sure what I will decide for my own topic today. But this is our challenge for today.

Scrap from Your stash.


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