Monday, August 20, 2012

SSS August 20 Moody Monday

What do you do if you only have a few minutes to spare to get something done.  Do you have a plan or just forget it until you have more time? 

Today's Prompt is - 5 Minute Projects

You may think "I can't get anything done that quickly!?"

Well, if you plan well, you just might be able to.  This morning I had to make lunches, find football pads, fill out football paperwork, wake both of the guys up and get them out so my son can make it to practice on time, at 7:15 this morning.  My husband is bringing him to school to grab his equipment, then dropping him off at the field and coming back home to finish getting ready for work.

That gave me 5 minute to be creative and now I am typing my prompt...

Here is what I do when i only have a few minutes...

 See these plastic Iris Clam boxes.  Each one has a project in it.  It may be for a themed book I am working on or just a few layouts I started but if I don't have time to finish it, I put everything in its own box for each project,  when I have a few minutes I grab a box and see what I can do.  the smaller one in the front is my Smash book supplies.

 This has all the cute little things they sold to go with these books along with other stuff I threw in myself.  I keep it all together for quick pages
 This is my smash box and some of the stuff I have thrown in this box. It is very handy even if I go away somewhere and know I will have some time to play, I can grab the box and take it with me.

 This morning I opened the box and just laid down some cut out flower letters I had in the box.  I love the flowers in the letters but never seem to find the right photo to go with it.  There are a pinkish purple, not a color I am fond of, so this morning i tried to use these again with a pool photo.  No, they don't work so i will tuck them back in the box for another day.

So I pulled out another box I threw together while my DH was away.  I had some paper I was very tempted to get rid of.  Instead I matched it with sold paper, cut all the paper up into pieces and made a Card Kit Box.  I threw in some ink pads, ribbons, 2 stamp sets and a few tools.  Again, another box I can grab when i only have a few minutes to spare. 
 I also have some card bases, my stamp cleaner and some scotch tape (a must have for added ribbons to cards quickly)

These are 2 cards I made in a matter of just minutes this morning.  Very simple but now I a couple of extra cards on hand if I need them.

So what do you do if you only have a few minutes to spare.  Whip together a project and see if you like the results.  I tend to like these quick projects better then the ones I spend hours on.  I am forced to use what is in my box rather then digging through all my supplies so I must be as creative as I can with what ever is in my project boxes.

Have fun I with today's prompt and work with what is in your stash.

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