Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SSS August 21 Technique Tuesday

I have been on a purging frenzy lately.  Lots of cleaning and re-organizing.  With this said, today's prompt is an Organizing one...

Technique Tuesday Prompt - Idea Storage.  How to do you keep track of ideas you see or come up with for card or layout projects?

Michelle mentioned yesterday that she keeps a sketch book with her where ever she goes so if she has a few minutes to spare she can be thinking of layout ideas and put them down on paper. 

I like to cut out photos from magazines and store them in notebooks, binders, my Smash book, where every I feel is the best place for them.

 These are composition notebooks that I first started using to store ideas.

then I went to binders and page protectors, this method was easier to update.  If an idea got old and out of date I could just pull it out of the page protector.  But they are still a little mish-mashed and not in any real type of order.

Now I am re-thinking this and wish I had a better system so I can find the ideas I want to use.  So today's challenge it to share what system you use for storing ideas.

For me I wish I had put all my ideas into page protectors then into binders so I could have everything in categories or themes,  All sport page ideas together, all technique ideas together, all product reviews together, etc.  Mine are scattered between different books.

So today I am going through this big pile of magazines in this photo, and cutting out the ideas i like and then tossing the magazines.  I will sort the photos I cut into categories so I can actually find them when I need them.

Today's challenge is to work on Card/Layout Ideas, how to store them,  if you already have a system that works for you , please share it, explain what you do and how this method is working for you.



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