Sunday, August 26, 2012

SSS August 25 Theme Day

Sorry. I had this prompt typed up and scheduled to post yesterday.  I didn't hit the save button though so it never did post.  So today there will be two Challenges.

August 25th already.  Summer is picking up speed and coming to an end too quickly.  Only 9 days left to the Summer Scrap From Your Stash Challenge.  I hope everyone is enjoying this.

Today is Saturday so that means Theme Day.  Today's theme is Food/ Cooking

Scrap about a favorite food or about cooking.  Do you like to cook. Do you have a chef in the family or a baker?  What is each family members' favorite meal?  Anything to do with food or cooking is today's challenge.

My sample is talking about my daughter, the budding Pastry Chef in our family.  I really do not know where she gets it from.  I still can't boil water with out setting off the smoke detector.  She is taking her second year of Culinary at High School and wants to go on to college to learn how to run a bakery.  This layout is from photos of a college Open House we attended last March.

I was trying to be careful cutting my background paper.  I love this line.  It says never trust a skinny chef.  It is kind of a joke in our family.  My daughter wants to be a chef but she doesn't like to eat.  Go Figure!

Scrap from your stash.


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