Sunday, August 26, 2012

SSS August 26 Family Day

We talked about family vacations and vacations away from the family.  Now I am adding a twist.  A family vacation but use something in one of your photos as an embellishment on your layout. 

A t-shirt one of the kids is wearing, a sign in the background, maybe even some pebbles on the ground in a photo.  Try to duplicate the image someway and add it as an embellishment in a vacation layout.

Mine is from a vacation we took years ago.  I loved the pedora hats my husband and son bought while we were at a beach in St Maarten.  So I cut out a hat on my Wishblade, made it open like a card and used it not only as an embellishment but I wrote my journaling inside the hat.

See how creative you can get with something in one of your vacation photos.

Scrap From Your Stash.


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