Monday, August 27, 2012

SSS August 27 Moody Monday

I know what I want for my prompt today but I am having the hardest time trying to find photos for what I wanted to do today.

Mondays are Moody Mondays so what I wanted for today's prompt is this...

Have you ever had one of those moments when things just did not go as planned.  Maybe you planned a beautiful picnic for the day and just got to the park and set up you lunch goodies when the skies opened up and decided to rain on your parade?

Or you got your daughter all dressed up for her first day of school and while you were getting ready she decided to have some chocolate pudding she found in the frig and now its all over her pretty dress?

There is group I am in about organizing and there is a member there that is dealing with the TERRIBLE TWOS with her son.  She sends the group photos of his latest adventures.  As upsetting as they can be for her, I love to hear the stories of what he has done this week.  These stories usual involve permanent inks or new markers she just bought or something else that has to do with her precious scrapping supplies.

I think back to my own children when they hit this same stage of curiosity.  It was before I started scrapbooking so I never thought to go grab a camera but we certainly had our moments.  I remember waking up one morning to hearing soft little sounds in the kitchen.  My 2 year old son had either decided to make himself breakfast or to clean out the refrigerator for us.  Either way, the whole contents of what he could reach in our refrigerator was on the kitchen floor.  He emptied every liquid container so that meant milk, orange juice, pancake syrup, ketchup, I can't remember what else, was puddled on the floor around him.  I also remember pieces of bologna stuck to the floor and the walls. The lower shelved in our refrigerator were completely empty. When I walked in on him he had the biggest smile on his face.  He still was not talking, yet, but he looked so pleased with himself and just so happy like he was doing us a favor.  When I walked on the kitchen tiles you could actually hear a squish sound from all the milk and other liquids that seeped under the tiles.

I never thought to go grab a camera.  But this is a memory that will never be lost even without the photos to document it.

So this morning I have been searching through boxes of photos to find some kind of mishap that I did decide to capture on film.  So far no luck.

Even though I can't find the photos for today's prompt,  this is the Challenge I am posting.  Scrap about something that did not go quite as planned.  Even if you do not have a photo to go with it, tell the story.  Someday you will be able to laugh about it and you will be glad you put it down in writing.

Scrap from your Stash.


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