Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SSS August 28 Technique Tuesday

CASE it today’s technique challenge.


Find a card or layout idea that you like and totally Copy And Steal Everything you like about it.
My sample is below.  First I must apologize to the original designer of this card.  They deserve credit for coming up with  the idea but I did not make note of their name.  I am so sorry!!! So, if you are reading this and designed this card, thank you.  I love your idea so much I just had to case it.

I saw this card last week when I was cutting tons of ideas from old magazines.  There was a stamp I kept seeing in the card magazines.  I thought it was the cutest little stamp and even though I do not have the exact same stamp I did find one in my stash I could use.  It is the little comfy looking chair in these cards.

 This is the clipping I cut from an older Papercrafts magazine. This shows the front of the card and the inside.

 And here is what I came up with.  It isn't the exact same chair but it was the closest I had.

And here is the inside of my card.  I used up little pieces of scrap paper, otherwise I would have made a bunch of these cards.  I think they are so cute. 

So CASE something today, and if possible give credit to the original designer, they deserve that much.  It is definitely a compliment to want to copy some one's work.

Have fun and scrap from your stash.

I may not be able to post for the next 2 days.  I am going away on a little mini vaca and I do not think my DH will let me bring the laptop this time.  he has no clue how to use it, but the last time I took it he called in a panic, "Honey, I needed to do some work on it while you were gone!" 

So i will try to post but if I cannot I will play catch up when I get back.

Happy Scrapping!


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