Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SSS August 29 Story Time

Today's story is to tell a story about changes in your life.  You can decide to do this several ways.  Comparing you from a certain time and now.  Of if you went through a drastic change at some point.  Moved across the country, got divorced, quit a job you had for what felt like forever.  You decide what you would like to put into your scrapbook. Tell a story of what has changed and how it effects you.

Mine is kind of a Hopes and Dreams layout.

 The left side of the layout is writing what I thought my life would be like or, at least back then what I had hoped it would be like.
The right side of the tells about what my life really is like today.  It may not have turned out the way I had expected but it is a great life and I feel blessed every day!

So tell your story today.

Scrap from you stash.  (This page went together very quickly because it was using a class project i had done at a store somewhere and never added any photos or journaling so it make for a quick page today)


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