Thursday, August 30, 2012

SSS August 30 Tool Time

Your Pen is today's Tool.  Or rather, your pens, copics, markers, colored pencils etc...

You have heard the line "The Pen is mightier Than the Sword"?  Well, we may not get that deep with this challenge but using your pens can definitely add to your project.

By adding a little or a lot to a page you can draw emphasis to what is important on the page.

Stitching may not seem like much but it will draw the eye to what you have stitched around if the stitching stands out enough. 

The layout I am using for this example is from another challenge I did this past winter.  The challenge was something totally different.   I think it was to think about a crush you had when you were a teen, and scrap about it.

The only way I could think to do this best was to make a page look like a teenagers' bulletin board in her room with photos of her crush clipped to the board and then hand drawn doodling around it like a girl would do on her notebooks.

I think this draws the whole page together very well. 

Also included in this layout was a piece of cork for my bulletin board, a piece of notebook paper for the typed journaling, and a miniature photo copy of my actual notebook entry.

The entry tells of how I had dinner with Charles Martin Smith, he was in Niagara Falls filming a movie with John Travolta, and how I came so close to meeting my idol. (he was not feeling well the next day and even though I did get to see him, I did not get to meet him in person)

So today use your pens for something other than just journaling.  Add some doodling, stitching, draw some flowers, whatever you would like on your project today.

Scrap from your stash.


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