Saturday, August 4, 2012

SSS August 4 Theme Day

Today's Theme is Girl's Night Out.  Scrap about something you did with just "the girls".  It would be a crop with your scrapping friends, going to the movies, invited the girls over for wine and crackers, a Tupperware party.  Whatever you did your your female friends.

Mine is from a few months ago.  Seems I dont' get out much, lately.  I actually put the layout together shortly after going to the game but never did the journaling, so that got added today.  What I like about this layout is the fact that I used up a lot of stuff I had been holding onto for a few years.  I bought the Jolee Red Sox stickers and just kept looking at them but never wanted to use them, knowing how expensive they were.  And the big embroidered patch, I've had that for quite a while.  Even the little baseball corners on the large photo.  And I got to use up some of my border strips.  Who doesn't have tons of these laying around. LOL

The journaling tells the story of how I ended up going to a game.  A friend I work with was offered a pair of Red Sox tickets for that night.  It was short notice but both our Hubby's said "Go! Have a Good Time!" so we went. Shortly after the game started, we both realized we are not die-hard fans.  Most of the players were knew have since left the team.  By the 3rd inning we were both checking our phones to see what was going on elsewhere, by the 5th inning we were being the polite friend "If you want to leave don't feel like we have to stay on my account, I will go whenever you are ready."  By 7th inning I was calling my husband to come pick us up.  It was still a fun night out.  I enjoyed the people watching more than the game, though.  It seems so much better on TV.

I AM a die-hard Patriots fan.  That is a game I would never leave early from. LOL

Happy Scrapping


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