Monday, August 6, 2012

SSS August 6 Moody Monday

Sorry for not posting today.  I have had trouble all day with my Internet.  At first I thought it was for non-payment, OK it was, but then I was promised it would be back within 4 hours.  It came back on and then all day it has bounced us back off.  The kids have reminded me at least every 30 minutes that "the Internet is acting freaky today!"  Heavens to Margatroid!  People really did finds things to do before the Internet was ever even thought of.  But I have teens and heaven forbid they lose up to the minute news flashes with their Facebook buddies.   It may be a good thing, though.  My 17 year old actually spent most of his day in the back yard and in the pool rather than his room. He even weed-wacked without complaint.  My daughter even spent a couple hours outside. WOW!  To think, we have a backyard. Go figure.

Anyway, it is working for a few minutes.  I can't promise how long I will stay online, so this will be brief.

Today's Prompt is... What is your all time favorite book. 

A book you want to read over and over again.  Maybe it is that book you always keep in your night stand and go looking for when you are feeling under the weather.

This is my prompt today because I am feeling not so great today and I would have loved to be curled up in my bed all day reading but my eyes actually hurt if that can make sense.

I have had a major headache for days that Tylenol is just barely making tolerable.  I finally gave up and went to the Doctors office.  My sinus cavities all around my eyes are so swollen.  No wonder I have had such a headache.  I am on 4 types of meds, 2 for swelling and 2 for my allergies.

So the idea of reading is not going to happen but I want so bad to grab my favorite book out of the nightstand, it is on my Kindle,  but same thing, and read it again.

Mine favorite book of all time has to be Outlander by Diana Gibaldon.  The love story of Claire and Jamie.  A story of time travel, Scottish Highlanders, history, suspense, love, villains, mystery, hope, this book has everything.

This is the first of 7 very large volumes of a wonderful story. Ms Gibaldon is working on book number 8 to be release sometime is 2013.  And are you sitting down? 

There is rumor that a TV series may be in the works for these books.  I so hope so, but they better getting the casting right on this.  You know when you read a really good book and then see the movie version and you say to yourself   "Why did they think he was the perfect Edward?" 

Anyway, I am rambling.  Must be the meds I am on. 

Today's prompt, once again.  Scrap about your favorite book.  Use items from your stash.  If you have a photo of the book, all the better, but at least write the story of why this is your favorite book.

Happy Scrapping


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