Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SSS August 8 Story Time

Story time Today's prompt is to journal about the first job you ever had.  We already had a prompt about your job now, but what about the first job you had.  Did you work somewhere after school? help with the family business? What was the first source of income for you? Maybe is was a paper route.  Tell the story of your first job.

My first job was working at a Diner at Bonanza Bus terminal.  I have one of the menus from the place still.  the only reason I kept it was because one night a young man was stranded at the diner for a long time.  Before he left he told me he hoped to become a song writer some day and left me a song he wrote on the back of the menu.  That is what is on my journaling, though it may be too small to read here.

Tell the story of your first job ans scrap from your stash.

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