Friday, August 3, 2012

Survived my 1st day Of Jenny Craig

Well, it was not easy but I made it through a whole day.  They say it takes 28 days to form a new habit.  So I only have 27 more days to go.

This is my new journal I am going to use to keep track of my food intake and exercise each day.  I typed up journaling sheets and made enough pages for the next 12 weeks along with a log to do weekly and monthly updates to show my progress.

So far, I found the hardest time of day to be when I was typing on the computer.  I did not realize this is a snack time for me.  As I was typing yesterday, all I wanted was something to nibble on.  Chips, popcorn, anything.  I settled on some cut up watermelon I had, but it was not the salty crunchy snack I was looking for.

Last night we went out to eat.  Another tough area for me.  I think I did well, though, I ordered the 2 grilled chicken breast with a side of broccoli and the grilled veggies.  As soon as my plate came, I put aside one of the pieces of chicken to take home.  I should have split the whole dish but I love veggies and ate every last bit of them.  And I can proudly say I did NOT order a margarita with salt.  Instead I tried an Ultra Light Cider (120 calories) it was pretty good, more cider tasting then beer tasting. I liked it.

So now I am on to Day 2.  Off to a good start.  Had my Jenny Craig Sunshine Sandwich.  These are not bad by themselves, but a little salsa (free food) perked them up a little with my free coffee made w/splenda and FF creamer.  I had that was about 2 hours ago and still not hungry. 

Time to get off the computer and get a little exercise in for the day.

Until tomorrow.  Here's to a healthy new me.


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