Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weight Loss Goal

I am starting a new chapter in my daily blogging.  A healthier life style!  Today I signed up at Jenny Craig, ordered some food to get me through the next few days, and got home and did s short little 20 minute work out routine.  I would have attempted more but I know my body too well.  If I pushed myself too much on the first day, I would be sore tomorrow and that would be my reason for not working out tomorrow, so I am going to do 20 minutes a day for the first three days and add a little more every few days.

I would like to say I feel good right now but instead I am thinking about food.  Why is it as soon as you take something away, that is when you want it most. 

I sat in my house for 2 months because I didn't trust me car to get me home safely.  Now the car had 4 new tires and I can finally drive, again.  My DH asked if he can use my car tomorrow so he can get his truck looked at by the mechanic tomorrow.  All I can think about is "Man, I am going to be stuck at home ALL day!" Didn't bother me when I had no choice in the matter but now it bothers me.

With my new healthier attitude, I have to be more aware of my eating habits and all I can think about is what I WANT to eat, rather then what I should be doing to not think about food. Why is that?

Anyway, my goal is to get healthier, more active, back into my size 10 clothes and just feel better about myself.  I have 57.3 lbs to get to my goal weight and I am giving myself until my next birthday to meet my goal.  So that breaks down to 1 lb, 1.4 oz a week for the next 50 weeks. 

Cheers to me!


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