Sunday, September 2, 2012

SSS Sept 2 Family Day

It is sad to see my SSS is coming to an end.  Tomorrow will be the last of the challenges.  But if you kept up with it, you should have 75 layouts or cards completed for the summer.  That is quite an accomplishment and you should be very proud of yourself.  If you only got around to a few of the challenges, Good for You!!! That is still something more that was accomplished that either wise you might never have gotten to.

Did any of the challenges take you out of your comfort zone?  Did you learn anything new?  Did you find a new use for a tool or embellishment you might have forgotten you even had?

This challenge did this for me.  I learned I can get a great layout using things I bought as much as 14 years ago as I can with something that might have just come out this year.  I learned to look at my stash with fresh eyes and see the potential they still hold. 

The biggest benefit was actually scrapping instead of just thinking about scrapping.  Over the past few years I have found less and less time to actually spend on layouts and seemed to spend more time on shopping for supplies instead.  So I am thrilled with what I have gotten done this summer.

My son commented on how I have done more layouts including photos of his sister then of him.  My reply was  "Think about this for a minute...Whenever I have asked you if you wanted to go somewhere what did you usually say?  If you do not spend time with us, how am I going to get any photos of you to scrap?"  Oh, I guess so. Was his response. 

We really didn't do much this summer.  No vacations, not really much for road trips but we made the best out of what we could do.  We went bowling quite a bit since we had free bowling all summer thanks to a Kids Bowl Free program I enrolled the family into.  We won free tickets to the Zoo so spent a day at Southwick, and got some free nights at a hotel at Foxwoods so spent a few days in Connecticut.  Other than that our summer was spent at home swimming in our pool or just hanging out.  Even with not doing much it will be a summer we will not forget because it is all documents and I have the layouts to prove it.

Today is Family day...What does the end of summer mean to you and your family?  Scrap about it.  do you have a big cookout, go to any family parties, head to Cape Cod for a final beach weekend (even though all the beaches are closed this weekend due to too many shark sightings)

Are the kids happy to be heading back to school?  Are you heading back to work?  Scrap about the end of summer.

My phone and computer are still not talking to each other so I do not have a photo to share today.

Scrap from your Stash


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