Saturday, September 1, 2012

SSS September 1 Theme Day

Theme Day - Nerdy or Geeky.  Something that you do or did that may be considered a little Nerdy.

For me it is getting my photo taken with Scrapping Celebrities. Anyone that has been scrapbooking for a while would know these people and may have even met them in person, as well. Outside our realm, people would say "You got your photo taken with someone that scraps like you? And you are excited about it!!"

I have photos with Lisa Bearnson, Tracy White, Rebecca Sower, Heidi Swapp, Becky Higgins, and my favorite photo was with Tim Holtz.

So yes it may be a little geeky or nerdy to get my photo with people that scrapbook like i do but these people make a living out of what I would love to do. That is so cool!

Yes, that is me in the tacky flowered shirt. I think as soon as I saw myself in these photos I threw that ugly shirt in the donation box.
Scrap From Your Stash and happy Labor Day weekend everyone!!

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