Friday, April 19, 2013

Flower garden

 I know these are not the greatest pictures.  I miss my Canon camera.  These are taken from my cell phone.  Here is what my front flower garden looks like.  Every muscle in my body is so sore!!!  The plot of land here was in terrible shape.  I had to dig down about 8 inches, sift the dirt to get out all the rocks.  There must have been about 500 lbs of rocks in this little area.  Once I sifted it, I mixed the sifted soil with bags of gardening soil rich with nutrients.  Then I planted my flowers that already bloomed. 

Now, I am not a flower person at all so I don't even know if it was worth planting these at this point.  I do not know if daffodils and tulips will come back each year.  So this may be a waste of time, but it looks good for now. 

I also have some tiger lilies from my father's garden in the back.  These were transplants from his yard.  He has been gone for nearly 22 years so I am thrilled every time I see these flowers bloom.  It reminds me that he is still with me. 
My sad little fence could look a little better but I had a puppy that was trying to help with all my digging and he got very upset that I put this little fence up.  He kept trying to pull it apart to the point I gave up on trying to get these line up evenly.
In front of the transplants, I just sprinkled wild flower seeds. I will be so excited if the seeds take and I get a patch of flowers here.

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