Sunday, April 21, 2013

I see sprouts!!

I am bragging now.  I just planted my starter seeds 2 days ago and I see things trying to burst out.

These are Zinnia flowers.  I would never expect to see growth within 48 hours of planting. 

Of coarse I had to go look at everything else to see if there were any other surprises which there were none but I am happy with this one.

I went a little crazy this year with the starter plants. I am sitting in my kitchen looking at 9 trays of seeds, a pot of seeds, and 2 hanging planters with more seeds.  then outside I have a bucket of strawberry plants, another with tomato plants and basil and then I planted a little baby Lilac tree in another bucket. 

My kitchen was overrun with these starter trays.  My darling hubby was nice enough to offer to put some closet shelving up in front of my kitchen windows to store everything.

Now this is what I see...

Sorry the photo is so dark.  By the time I took the photo the sun had moved to the other side of the house.  But these windows normally have sun from about 6 in the morning until 4 or 4:30 in the late afternoon.  I took the photos about 6 PM.  so I will take more tomorrow.

Now that I have all these seeds started inside the house, I really want to start getting my soil ready outside.  I learned I should have already planted onions, peas and potatoes last month.  the plants can handle the cold weather still and get an early start.  So, now I am already behind schedule.  I have tried both onions and potatoes before and never got anything before the weather grew too cold.  Now I know why, I waited too long to get these in the ground.

Today I tested the soil from my garden and learned the PH level is fine but the nitrogen and phosphorus levels are really low so before planting I need to add some compost, manure, bone meal and or blood meal.  I am not sure if I need all of these, but they each will raise the N and P levels.

Tomorrow I go back to school.

This break flew by too quickly.  to think the next break we get will be SUMMER!!!

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