Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer time - time to start blogging again

Ok, My last day of school was Thursday and my daughter's end of the year party was yesterday (continued into this morning for the 6 people that slept over)

Today is the first day of summer break for me.  time to start blogging again.

I plan to do my daily challenges again this summer.  It not only seemed popular last summer but I was thrilled with all the layouts and cards I had completed before the school year started up again.

I did not plan out my first day so I am going to work on my own challenge and will post my finished results later today.

Challenge # 1 - is to do a scrapbook layout or make a card about summer.  I can tell you know mine will be a card because I still have a house of teenagers and that may be all I can accomplish today.

So this is rather general.  Use whatever you have but the finished project should have a summer feel to it. 

Come back later to see what I come up with for an idea.  I will hint that I may flip through some idea books and C.A.S.E. something but that is usually where I get my best inspiration and go from there to get the creativity pumping again.


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