Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Challenge for July 3 - Fancy cutting

Fancy Cutting is a real challenge for me.  I am left handed and never liked cutting with scissors.  This is probably why I own so many die cut machines.

I started with an alphabet punch set.  It was a hassle because it was a big heavy machine and you had to screw in each individual letter one at a time.  If you were just slightly croaked, you would pinch your finger.  It was time comsuming but it was the only thing out there at the time.  Then Coluzzle came out with their letter templates.  I had all these.  Then Sizzix came out with the heavy red machine.  This was awesome.  I had about 20 different alphabets to go with this.  Then they came out with the thinner dies and I bought all of those along with the little die machine. The Sidekick.  Next was the Big Kick,  the Vagabond and even the Vintag.  I also got the first electronic die cutting machine when it first came out, The Wishblade,I never cared for it when I forst got it,  though, so I got a Cuttlebug, a personal Cricut, then my favorite the Cricut Expression, I still love this one. I got the Gypsy when that first came out.  Then I just had to have the mini cricut when that came out, big mistake on that purchase.  They should have advertised better that you needed internet for that to work.  Anyway, you get my drift.  I do not like cutting with scissors. So anything I could find to make cutting not an issue is worth it in my books.

So I challenged myself today to stamp an image and cut it out.  Even those fine little details.  Then I didn't like the colors I used, so did it all over again.  Still not thrilled with it I layered the 2 cuts on top of one another and added some height with foam tape.  Tayday! Now I like it.

 First is a close up of the cut images, the colors and the layering.

I like the finished result but do not plan on doing any hand cutting again for a while.
Have fun with whatever you decide to do for your challenge today.

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