Saturday, July 6, 2013

Challenge for July 6

Sorry for the late posting.  I new what I wanted to do for today's challenge but it involved taking some new photos of my garden and then I saw some green beans growing and decided to weed a little and then decided the flowers in the front yard needed some weeded then I noticed the weeds growing up between the bricks in our front walkway, etc  
I got side tracked.

Today's Challenge is to make a layout about a garden.  Vegetable garden, flower garden, public gardens, any kind of garden.  I had my layout done minus the photos and wanted new photos as of this morning so when I finally remembered that was my prupose for going outside I finally did get some photos printed.

Here is my layout for today. This is actually for first scrapbook layout since starting the challenge.  Maybe I will get pumped up to get more pages done.
 Sorry for the fuzzy photo.  I didn't have my glasses handy, but you get the idea. 
Happy Scrapping!

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  1. Love the layout! All the different size pictures and all the different papers really make a nice scrappy look for the page